Junking of Leonen impeachment bid exhibits hypocrisy of the Opposition

The hypocrisy of Satur Ocampo is in full view in his PhilSTAR piece today “Leonen impeachment junking a positive turn”. The Opposition makes it appear that Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen is being harassed and persecuted. He’s not. It just depends on who is behind the lynch mob. In the late Chief Justice Renato […]

History Politics

Juan Ponce Enrile South China Sea exposé leaves Yellowtards and Opposition in stunned silence

The Yellowidiots were laughing at Juan Ponce Enrile (JPE) last night during the airing of the President’s Talk to the Nation, where he was asked to attend, to clarify what really happened during the 2012 Scarborough stand-off. At 97, JPE is still lucid and interspersed his answers to the President with historical context. Most people […]

Government Media

Panelo explained to Davila MANY TIMES why Congress was not sorting out the ABS-CBN case and she STILL doesn’t get it!

Malacanang spokesperson Salvador Panelo’s explanation to ABS-CBN “veteran” telejournalist Karen Davila’s repeated questions on why Congress was sitting on her employer’s case is simple and consistent: that it is Congress’s sole business and none of Malacanang’s. She should, instead, ask them herself. Panelo speaks only for Malacanang and not Congress. The legislature is an independent […]