Teddy Locsin shouldn’t have called “vice president” Leni Robredo “BOBA”

To be fair, one would expect a bit more of Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin. He is, after all, a seasoned public servant and an articulate newspaper columnist. For a man of his skills and experience, one would think he’d find far more eloquent and more uppity ways to point out just how stupid Leni Robredo is.

Locsin could have, instead, described Robredo as a daft ineffectual government executive who is occupying expensive taxpayer-funded space and taking oxygen from the atmosphere without giving back proportionate useful value to people who could’ve put that important gas to more productive use.

If I were Robredo, I wouldn’t attract too much attention to myself considering her claim to the Office of the Vice President remains debatable to this day. She is but a mere beneficiary of the influence wielded by her party over the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) back in 2016 after it failed to comply with an important election guideline that would have resulted in her disqualification from the elections. More importantly her “win” in that election currently remains in dispute owing to allegations of electoral fraud.

Leni Robredo blew what could have been a great working relationship with President Duterte.

The most important point of all is that Robredo had long ago epically blown her bid to be a respected member of the Cabinet of President Rodrigo Duterte. This is thanks to her inability to recognise that she is “vice president” of all Filipinos and not just of the Yellowtards. Big lesson there, but unfortunately one Robredo failed to take heed of.

Yellowtards cry foul over things they could have changed while in power

As expected, the Yellowtard-led Opposition losers in this year’s mid-term elections are in the middle of a monumental tantrum over said loss. Some of the things they shriek about today revolve around charges of electoral fraud and the supposed ascendancy of popularity over qualifications among other things.

But, see, these things were in full swing over 30 years of Yellowtard domination of Philippine politics. Electoral fraud had been an “issue” over most of the last several decades’ elections. Indeed, the one critical time the Yellowtards remained profoundly silent — even dismissive — of it was when these charges worked against their preferred candidate, “vice president” Leni Robredo back in 2016.

As for the screeching about popularity over qualifications, look no further than the two crown jewels of Yellowtard history — the two Aquino presidencies of Cory and Noynoy in 1986 and 2010 respectively. Both won not on the bases of qualifications but on pedigree and emotional blackmail.

It seems the Yellowtards have not learnt their lesson following this colossal loss at the polls. No less than former presidential spokesperson Abi Valte who served under the administration of Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III exhibited this bad attitude

Yellowtards still think they are God’s Gifts to Filipinos when, the fact is, Filipino voters have already told them they aren’t. Unfortunately for them, whatever they are doing isn’t effective. And yet they continue doing the same thing over and over again.

Otso Diretso and the Communists: TALO sa #Halalan2019

With more than 90 percent of votes transmitted, adminstration and independent candidates dominate the top 12 slots up for grabs. The only blight on the list is Bong Revilla who was, until now, detained on charges of corruption.

What is left for the Yellowtard-led Opposition to do? Why cry bloody “electoral fraud” of course.

We all know the drill.

The trouble with that option is that the unofficial results so far are consistent with numerous surveys conducted by independent firms led by Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia. The only thing the Yellowtards can count on is the dismal credibility of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) — the single common denominator underlying electoral fraud over the last several decades.

But the Yellowtards had essentially shot themselves in the foot back in 2016 when they aggressively dismissed charges of cheating back then when their lackey, the disgraced Andy Bautista, ruled over the COMELEC as its chairman.

Tough shit is pretty much the only thing one could say about the plight of the Yellowtards, the broader Opposition and the communists at the fringes who piggyback on the quaint demonisation campaign they have been mounting against the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

The COMELEC is NO LONGER a credible and TRUSTED governor of Philippine elections!

The Philippines’ Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has been caught out many times turning a blind eye to electoral fraud, tolerating crooked technology suppliers, and bending its own rules to favour specific candidates and/or their parties.

Firstly, the COMELEC has a long track record of presiding over fraudulent elections. This is evident in the many incidents that mark electoral history in the Philippines over the last several decades with big appalling blatant cheating reported not just in 2016 but also in 2004 and 2010.

Second, somebody in the COMELEC seems to be protecting SMARTMATIC, what is widely regarded as a crooked technology supplier.

The problem is, since members of the Supreme Court are considered luddites or among those who fear technology, they are slow to act on any petition that challenges the legitimacy of the election results. They did order the Comelec to compel Smartmatic TIM to make public the source codes used to run and operate the equipment. They simply refused and that was that.

Even a Senate investigation last year of how Smartmatic TIM conducted the 2010 elections, failed to provide clear answers as the company evaded questions on how the PCOS machines work. It is obvious they could get away with it because the Senators are hopelessly inept at making sense of the technical jargon.

Allegations of election fraud in 2010 fell on deaf ears. They were immediately dismissed as sour grapping even when more than one whistleblower came to speak out.

Third and last, when push comes to shove, the COMELEC will excuse its preferred candidates when they are in breach of its own guidelines as what happened in 2016 when it allowed vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo to be declared winner of those elections despite her party failing to comply with COMELEC requirements surrounding submission deadlines of candidates’ Statements of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCEs).

Roxas and the LP had, last Wednesday, the 8th of June, reportedly requested an extension of the deadline citing “voluminous number of receipts that have to be scanned and attached” as their excuse.


Section 2 of Rule 10 issued by the COMELEC applicable for these 2016 elections states that there is absolutely no provision to allow an extension of the 8th of June deadline for filing the SOCE for any reason whatsoever…

Leni Robredo is, by all intents and purposes, disqualified from taking her post as vice president. Thanks to a cooperative COMELEC, however, she now occupies the post and is regarded by her supporters as the Philippines’ “vice president”.

Really, Filipinos need to re-evaluate the role the COMELEC plays in dishonest elections. For their sake and the sake of their fragile “democracy”.

Is Leni Robredo REALLY the “vice president” of the Philippines??

The answer to this important question has been debatable since 2016 when Robredo managed to claw her way up to the Office of the Vice President. Thanks to what, at the time, was a cooperative Commision on Elections (COMELEC), Robredo was granted an exemption from being subject to a rule that barred winning candidates who are members of political parties that failed to submit a Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) from taking office.

The Liberal Party under the banner of which Robredo ran for office failed to comply to that rule. Nonetheless, Robredo was allowed to take office. It should be noted that then COMELEC chair Andy Bautista was “senatorial campaign advisor” of Mar Roxas who was Robredo’s running mate during the 2016 elections according to a tweet issued by Teddy Locsin in 2015.

Bautista seemingly fled the country after reports of electoral fraud marring the 2016 elections emerged. These reports are now the subject of an investigation being conducted by a Supreme Court tribunal which further brings to question the legitimacy of Robredo’s “vice presidency”.