Is Leni Robredo REALLY the “vice president” of the Philippines??


The answer to this important question has been debatable since 2016 when Robredo managed to claw her way up to the Office of the Vice President. Thanks to what, at the time, was a cooperative Commision on Elections (COMELEC), Robredo was granted an exemption from being subject to a rule that barred winning candidates who are members of political parties that failed to submit a Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) from taking office.

The Liberal Party under the banner of which Robredo ran for office failed to comply to that rule. Nonetheless, Robredo was allowed to take office. It should be noted that then COMELEC chair Andy Bautista was “senatorial campaign advisor” of Mar Roxas who was Robredo’s running mate during the 2016 elections according to a tweet issued by Teddy Locsin in 2015.

Bautista seemingly fled the country after reports of electoral fraud marring the 2016 elections emerged. These reports are now the subject of an investigation being conducted by a Supreme Court tribunal which further brings to question the legitimacy of Robredo’s “vice presidency”.

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