Government Politics

US withdrawal from Afghanistan a wake up call to Philippines — time to deal with their old fair-weather “friend”!

Members of the Philippines’ military-hating Opposition groups (and their communist chums) should read this Nikkei Asia piece “Asia’s US partners must work better together on defense” written by William Bratton. Bratton, citing recent events in Afghanistan, writes about how “America has a rich tradition of discarding allegiances once they are no longer important to its […]


Philippines odd man out in ASEAN due to its role as regional US proxy

Elfren Cruz was the head of the Presidential Management Staff during the presidency of Cory Aquino. The way he presents it in his PhilSTAR piece today “China’s great power ambitions”, the Philippines should join the “Quad” in an alliance against China. The Quad, writes Cruz, consists of “the four countries – India, United States, Japan, […]

Media Society & Culture

Slow news day: Rappler “reports” on Duterte’s “awkward” handshake at Bangkok ASEAN summit

Citing a slow news day to excuse routinely shallow and slanted reporting gives too much credit to the Rapplerettes of Philippine “social news network” Rappler. This time, the object of their giggles is a split-second difficulty getting hands together in the handshake photo-op that traditionally marks every ASEAN meet. True to form they zero in […]