Leni Robredo doing what she thinks she can do best to help, but…

I think the comments saying “Let Leni lead” because she is approaching it from a “local executive mindset” instead of a “national executive mindset” is kind of wrong. Granted, her office can execute tasks and maybe even delegate, but she doesn’t need to be hands-on on the ground level itself because she is a national level executive in our government. Plus she is the 2nd highest post in the land as the redundancy for the President. I think it behooves people to realize that, even if they don’t like or like her, she needs to also be kept safe should something happen to Duterte.

Another point is that I am kind of peeved at the comments saying “asan ang gobyerno” when we can see they are moving as fast as they can. Granted, there will be some local execs who will finger point to avoid blame immediately, but I see that as the default setting for anyone who could be in a position of responsibility and may be called to task. They will most likely, immediately claim to have done their jobs and blame someone else. But that is neither here nor there as this is a norm in a lot of politicians so this shouldn’t even be surprising.

Lastly, I do think the current hands on approach of Leni Robredo is kind of the only thing she can really do as she has no formal national function to speak of as far as I am aware of as she has been removed twice in task forces that could have been working with the current admin.

So… I can’t really fault her much for that. I do, however, wish that she realizes her position and not put herself at risk just to show she herself, and not just her office, is moving.

Whether she can really coordinate on a national level, I do not know. I have my doubts but she hasn’t been given a chance to really “take charge”. But when she was given a chance, she immediately wanted to publicizes faults for media mileage instead of first working with them for a few weeks/months before reaching the a conclusion that the system she is working under is really faulty and untenable (needing to be changed).

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