Caught on video: ABS-CBN vehicle refuses to give way to emergency response team!

Is this acceptable behaviour for media personnel in the midst of what is clearly an emergency situation where qualified and authorised personnel should be given priority access to? Apparently the chi chi folk at ABS-CBN think it is seeing how they ignore the pleas coming from the driver of an emergency response vehicle to let them through.

Such is the sense of entitlement of people at ABS-CBN. Recall how In their pursuit of lucrative scoops under the banner of their self-appointed role of “guardians of truth and freedom”, the Media played a pivotal role in triggering the fatal descent into chaos of the Mendoza hostage drama of 2010 in which nine Hong Kong tourists lost their lives. On exhibit then was the reckless impudence on the part of the Media in how they hindered the flow of the negotiations and ultimately fatally compromised it.

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It’s time Filipinos take the media industry to task for their irresponsible and dishonest ways starting with its most self-entitled member — ABS-CBN.

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