ORCHESTRATED promotion of Maria Ressa’s plight DOMINATES Philippine media!

As expected, Rappler is again using its trademark lazy style of “journalism” (cherry-picking tweets) and promoting its own CEO, Maria Ressa’s agenda in time for a critical court decision to be handed out tomorrow (Monday) on a case involving her. This is the sort of CROOKED journalism that is killing mainstream news media!

Ressa’s “allies” across the industry also seemingly aren’t above using their online pulpits to propagate her agenda, demonstrating yet again just how inbred the industry is. In the ABS-CBN News “report” ‘I’m ready’: Maria Ressa braces for worst ahead of cyberlibel case verdict, one of the many articles suddenly popping up that “features” Ressa and gives air time to her views on the “heroic” role “journalism” plays in Philippine democracy, the failed CEO issues her “advise”…

“Do not feel helpless. This is in your hands. This is your chance to build the democracy that we deserve because if you don’t do anything then we will get what we deserve,” she said.

What exactly Filipinos “deserve” presumably if they are not subject to Ressa’s preferred world is not clear. The idea that the demise of democracy or “press freedom” will follow a “guilty” verdict handed to Ressa seems ludicrous considering practically all of the country’s democratic institutions are functional and all democratic processes are ticking along as a matter of routine.

Suddenly, the rest of the Philippines’ other issues are taking a backseat to what the Maria Ressa cheering squad is putting up as this week’s “issue” of focus.

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