No sense in “DDS” and Yellowtard camps quarreling. The REAL enemy are the communists

Think of it this way. The only disagreement between the so-called “Duterte Die-hard Supporters” (DDS) and the Yellowtards, the dominant Opposition bloc loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan, is in who ought to be President. In short, both camps remain generally subscribed to the notion that leaders be elected to office within the frame of the law.

As such, the real enemy here are the communists. Their ideology holds them to the singular mission of overthrowing any legitimate government — through violent means if necessary — in what they call a “people’s revolution” and install their “dictatorship of the proletariat”. They have no respect for any legal government other than the one they seek to build upon the rubble of the earlier following their “revolution”.

This is the reason many communist parties maintain their terrorist arms. In the Philippines, this is the infamous New People’s Army (NPA) who, to this day, continue to rampage through the Philippines’ hinterlands. The communists also ensure a steady supply of recruits into this “army” by infiltrating school organisations where they radicalise young people into disciples of their dishonest “cause”.

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Why can’t everyone just get along and recognise that we all have the interests of Philippine democracy in mind. More importantly we need to recognise that there is one prominent political camp that seeks to destroy what both the DDS and the Yellowtards continue to hold dear — our democratic Constitution and the free competitive market built upon it. The communists are fundamentally against everything the DDS and Yellowtards “fight” for. They are the real enemy of the Filipino people.

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