Why Anne Curtis is a BETTER CHOICE for the MMK transgender role than Jake Zyrus


Fans of the now-male Jake Zyrus, the formerly-female singer formerly known as Charice Pempengco, are up in arms. According to them, he was passed over for a chance to play a transgender role in an episode of the popular TV show Maalaala Mo Kaya (“Would You Remember”) airing this Saturday.

“Why would they not cast a real transman for the role?”

It is a resounding voice exhibiting the now-familiar sense of entitlement the LGBTQ community have become known for. So, yeah, why indeed?

Well, lets step back and regard — with modern thinking — the business of producing television shows, shall we?

Firstly, Anne Curtis is a far more popular celebrity than Jake Zyrus. Second, Curtis is prettier. And, third, Curtis is an actress while Zyrus is a singer. If you were a TV exec, the choice would be crystal clear, wouldn’t it?

Anne Curtis is laughing all the way to the bank.

Recall that straight-as-an-arrow Tom Hanks played the seminal role of a gay guy in the 1993 film Philadelphia. He played the role exceedingly well as only a top-notch actor like Tom Hanks could. In so doing, the film paved the way for the immense attention gay issues attract today. That is thanks to a brilliant actor who happened to be straight being cast for the role of a gay character.

Simple logic right there. Jake Zyrus’s fans should learn how to think with their heads.

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