Jim Paredes “sex video”: real or fake??

The Net is abuzz with reports that a Jim Paredes sex video had been released online. Some Netizens have reached out directly to Paredes to seek clarification on the matter. To this one, he merely responded “Fake”.

One of the first mainstream news outlets that have picked up the story so far is PEP.ph in its report Jim Paredes alleged video scandal circulates online. But, though the report details some clues on the authenticity of the video such as consistency of moles and tattoos found on the person in the video and those sported by Paredes in public photos, the report is inconclusive.

According to one Netizen, the video first appeared on a comment thread in Facebook. Presumably the videos have been taken down but a quick search on Facebook still yields some results [NB: Author did not open these links to investigate content]…

As of this writing Paredes has not posted any new tweets (other than one unrelated one) in the last nine hours since he tweeted “fake” in response to that Netizen’s query.

As such this is a developing story, though the Yellowtard community seem to be keeping conspicuously mum on the topic.

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