Jim Paredes owns up to the video that went viral

Singer and Apo Hiking Society alumnus Jim Paredes confirmed that he is the man in that video.

In a statement posted on his personal blog today, Paredes admitted that “[the] video was real. It was private, and not meant for public consumption. I do not know how it became public.”

Paredes further writes…

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I have never tried to project myself as perfect. Of all the sins in this world, I believe sex is the most human of all. I am not saying this to excuse what, I regret, was broadcast on social media. I have always expressed my feelings freely. Today, I wish to express my truth. I am a flawed person, a human being, much like everyone else. I made a mistake, I was irresponsible. And I am truly sorry.

Perhaps it can be said that the ugliness of this “scandal” is more a reflection on the person that stole, leaked, and spread the video. But, nonetheless, the bigger lesson is made clear yet again — that recording on digital media things one would prefer be kept private is pretty dangerous.

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