Leni Robredo calls for control and regulation of social media!

Perhaps finally recognising her utter lack of any wit to apply to the art of social media warfare, the Philippines’ “vice president” has decided to take the easy self-entitled route and suggest that it be censored instead. In a statement given to the media the other day, Leni Robredo reportedly called for legislation to be crafted to achieve this end.

Kailangan talaga iyong Kongreso magpasa ng mga batas na kahit paano may control saka regulation iyong mga post sa social media. Kailangan iyong mga social media networks gaya ng Facebook, ng Instagram, pati nga YouTube, kailangan magkaroon ng regulation…

Translated: “Congress should pass laws to control and regulate posts on social media. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube should be regulated.”

To be fair, Robredo has struggled since Day One of her ascent to high-profile politician to manage her public persona. Despite being pitched as the stereotypical humble public servant she has been the subject of ridicule by a public grown weary of this unoriginal narrative.

The irony that seems to escape Robredo is that the seeds of the 1986 Yellowtard “revolution” were sown in an environment in which media was tightly-controlled. History has shown that information finds a way to get to those who seek it. In the case of the 1980s, videos and published material from foreign sources were routinely smuggled into the Philippines and disseminated to fuel the “revolution”.

If that circumventing of media controls was possible in the analogue 80s imagine the impossibility of depriving the public of information in the digital 21st Century. Robredo, yet again, exhibits the very dumbness that attracted the thriving Robredo meme industry that prompted her to call for social media censorship to begin with.

This is the reason the Opposition fail to win elections nowadays. It is because they rely on stupid “thought leaders”. They should re-evaluate their strategy and distance themselves from people who make them look stupid.

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