Filipino-Chinese community should call out Leni Robredo for her prejudice against ethnic Chinese people


Filipino-Chinese community should rally against Leni Robredo and the rest of the Liberal Party for their hasty generalisation against Chinese people after a Chinese lady threw a cup of taho on a policeman. A single incident made them conclude all Chinese are disrespectful to Filipinos!

If we follow Leni’s logic, then it is ok for members of the international community to label all Filipinos stupid because of the behaviour of individual Filipinos who travel abroad and misbehave. Indeed, the world is full of Filipinos overstaying their visas and residing and working in their host countries illegally — which is why the Philippine passport is now worth less than the paper it is printed on!

A lot of Filipinos actually get butt-hurt when members of the international community make fun of Pinoy behaviour in the Philippines or abroad. They are the first to say not to generalise and label all Filipinos this and that. But now we have our own “vice president” Leni Robredo accusing all Chinese of being disrespectful.

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