Video of Kris Aquino responding to Nicko Falcis allegations: NAKAKABOBO!

Good thing there is a write up about Kris Aquino’s statement versus Nicko Falcis’s accusations. I tried to watch her video, but I felt like my brains cells were slowly dying the longer I watched it. I just had to stop after two minutes. She really thinks she’s cute and adorable to look at and listen to.

At the beginning of the video, Kris kept asking her alipores “Are we live? Are we live?” They kept saying yes, but she kept faking being surprised. For someone who’s been in showbiz since she was a teen, she was acting like an amateur. It’s obvious she was faking her responses.

Kris was also bragging about how close her family is and how they are there for each other. She made it sound like they are the best family one can ever have. Yeah, right! If their relationship is that good, why does she keep getting in trouble? They can’t fix her arrogance.

Kris kept saying she is dying. It’s so bizarre someone would say that. Perhaps this is her way of helping the Liberal Party members get voted in the coming mid-term elections.

The Aquino family is simply a dysfunctional family. The Addams family looks normal compared to them. The Aquinos only have their money to brag about, but they have no redeeming qualities. No wonder Noynoy and Kris are incapable of having relationships outside of their circle.

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