“About 2022”: Kris Aquino vows to be “healthy enough” by then! To seek REVENGE?

In her recent statement regarding the audio recording of her threat to have Nicko Falcis killed, Kris Aquino said someone big in politics is behind Nicko’s attack against her and is also funding the “trolls”.

“The Falcis family don’t realize they are just pawns. They are expendable, being used by bigger political powers,” Aquino said.

That’s another lame excuse and something that she’s actually guilty of doing.

Kris has a talent for twisting the facts and order of events. She was the one who attacked and provoked Falcis first. She asked why he’s only speaking out now. Well, perhaps her threats worked to scare him initially. Now he’s found the courage to speak out against her.

Another indication Kris could be lying about the condition of her health is how she said she might run in 2022 and added we should all be scared of her comeback.

“Hindi po ako magpapangalan. But this has to do with 2022. Alam ko naman, sila ang pumupondo doon sa trolls, sila ang pumupondo doon sa machinery now backing Nicko.

“Hindi nila nage-get, I’m not healthy enough for 2022, but let’s be honest . . . Sa ginawa niyo sa’kin, magpapalakas ako. Maghanda kayo. Magpapalakas talaga ako.

We are already scared now. We should not underestimate the number of people who are willing to sell their votes.

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