Links to Russia?? What about the Catholic Church’s links to Rome?

If these Rapplerettes are going to demonise anyone because of some sort of perceived “link” to foreign agents or governments, then, perhaps, they should train their “investigative” chops on the real deal and not look too far (and stretch their imagination) beyond that of the Roman Catholic Church. Ancient texts clearly document the absolute subservience of the agents of this organisation to a foreign government — that of the Vatican City and its head of state the Pope himself.

Considering it is an organisation controlled by a foreign government all the more makes notable the vast infrastructure of influence it operates in the Philippines. The Church — and, by command responsibility, Rome — operates extensive broadcast and other mass media facilities, runs exclusive schools attended by the children of the country’s most powerful oligarchs, and exerts virtual mind control over an enormous number of voters.

In that regard, the influence of the unabashedly foreign-controlled Roman Catholic Church and its henchmen in the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) dwarfs any semblance of the imagined fantastical influence the Russian government may exert on Philippine society being cooked up by Rappler‘s so-called “research team”.

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