Yellowtards OUTRAGED by Robredo’s message encouraging Filipinos to be self-reliant!


The Yellowtard community is experiencing internal strife after their “vice president” Leni Robredo reportedly urged Filipinos “to curb their spending habits, save and find ways to earn money”.

The Manila Bulletin report cited how Robredo encouraged Filipinos to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and take initiative to find ways to respond to inflation rather than overly rely on others. “Now that the prices of almost all [commodities] are high, we really need to save up. Don’t spend unless needed,” Robredo said in Tagalog.

Robredo also advised the public to find other means to earn money. “Maghanap talaga ng ibang paraan para maghanap-buhay (Look for more sources of livelihood),” she said. For instance, she urged those who have means and resources to plant fruits and vegetables. “Iyong pagtatanim, malaking bagay iyong pagtatanim (Planting is a big help),” she added, citing that in Zamboanga, some people are able to eat because of the vegetables and fruits they have planted and harvested on their own.

This is actually good advise. So it is therefore strange that some Yellowtards are outraged by what Robredo said. It seems that the fallout from Robredo’s statement within the bloc was so bad that eminent Yellowtard lawyer Jego Ragragio was moved to apologise on her behalf…

Leni was asked a question. She answered it.

Her answer sucked.

Is it the end of the world? Is Leni cancelledt?

No, of course not.

It goes to show that self-reliance is a four letter word for most Yellowtards.

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