Leni Robredo is unable to take on her alleged “bullies” because she is incapable of ACTION to begin with

Even Leni Robredo’s fans are baffled as to why she does not take concrete action against her so-called “bullies” on social media as well as people who supposedly “besmirch” her character. If only these fans of hers step back and take stock of the facts. From Day One, Robredo has showed little promise in the Actions Department.

Much of what she has so far contributed is talk. And it’s the worst sort of talk. Her talk consists primarily of motherhood statements and what seem to be mumblings of someone thinking out loud. Her idea of “action” is to be all show with hardly any focus on results.

For a “vice president” whose fans emphasize is just a heartbeat away from the presidency, Robredo exhibits very little presidential chops. If Robredo cannot, as her own fans have observed, stand up to her own “bullies”, what hope would she have of standing up to the many forces that seek to trample upon her country’s sovereign interests?

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