Here’s why Jiggy Manicad is an EXCEPTIONAL politician…

Yellowtards are of the belief that the numerous journalism awards won by journalist-turned-politician Jiggy Manicad are no longer valid testaments to his professional chops. “Human rights” honcho Caloy Conde, for example, believes that the “100 journalism awards [Manicad] received don’t mean shit the moment [he] misused them to support this madman [current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte].”

That attitude is problematic. Conde is, in effect, second guessing the wisdom of the awarding bodies that, at the time, deemed Manicad worthy.

More importantly, Conde inadvertently highlights just how exceptional a person Manicad is. What traditional politician, after all, would, in their “right” mind, risk blacklisting from a powerful bloc of “influencers” in order to stick to his or her principles? Indeed. Blacklisting. That “Philippine Journalism” actually blacklists people on the basis of what principles they choose to stand for is the real criminal act here.

Suffice to say, those award bodies are dens of boys’ clubs and cluckity hen houses that are blighted by extensive histories of colluding to prop up allies and crush opponents to their political agendas. It is no secret that Philippine journalism is a community of hopelessly politicised crooks and Manicad has so far exhibited the courage to point that out.

Jiggy Manicad excommunicated from Philippine “Journalism” by Human Rights cheerleader @carloshconde!

Human rights honcho Caloy Conde tries to make a point but ends up missing the mark in a tweet he addresses to embattled journalist Jiggy Manicad.

All those 100 journalism awards you received don’t mean shit, @jiggymanicad, the moment you misused them to support this madman. You should be ashamed of yourself. Philippine journalism is fine without you. #DrawTheLine

I’m not really sure who crowned Conde Pope of all Philippine Media although, perhaps, Kris Aquino who is Queen of all that may have something to do with it.

To be sure, and perhaps evident specially now, is that Manicad is certainly better off alone than in bad company. Philippine media, after all, is in the midst of a catastrophic crisis of relevance and it does not look like it possesses the wherewithal to extricate itself from the deep hole it finds itself in today.

Indeed, Filipino reporters are known to even barge into emergency rooms and shove cameras, floodlights, and microphones into patients’ and medical personnel’s faces in their routinely desperate quests for stories.

Hypocrisy seems to be the standout word underlying the conduct of Philippine Corporate Media in many instances — they apply an approach to “journalism” that is a far cry from the sober and dignified regard for the practice in bygone days.

Conde insists that “Philippine journalism is fine”. Perhaps he needs to step back and take stock of the facts.

Ph “journalism” has lost CREDIBILITY because people like @jnery_newsstand and @JeffCrisostomo INSULT their readers’ intelligence!

We see now the extent of the perverted thinking of certain self-appointed authorities on the profession of “journalism”. According to “communications and legislative officer” Jeff Crisostomo, for example, “journalists” are people who ought to harbour more progressive views

Just saw @jiggymanicad’s latest statements thru tweets from @rapplerdotcom. Cringe fest. You’d think that as a journalist, he would have more progressive views, but no. After he loses, he’d be more fit serving under the likes of Andanar than return to journalism. Zero credibility

Wait a minute, Mr Crisostomo, why do you stereotype “journalists” as people necessarily harbouring “more progressive views”? There are journalists who articulate conservative views too, you know. What makes you an authority on what side of the political spectrum “journalists” should be inhabiting?

And, for his part, former Inquirer editor John Nery is suggesting that this “progressive” side is the only valid side of the journalism profession and that any journalist who runs counter to this side is “betraying” his profession.


People like Crisostomo and Nery are the reasons their “side” of the journalism profession had lost all credibility — because they INSULT the intelligence of their readers.