Chel Diokno is trying to save face, but it is too late

Perhaps this is really how “human rights” lawyers work. They make victims of people who never saw themselves as victims to begin with. These parasitical members of the legal profession make people believe they are “victims” all for the purpose of turning them into “clients” who fit their nebulous “human rights” narrative.

Chel Diokno fits the bill perfectly. He presumed to represent the “victimhood” of the Filipino fishermen whose boat was allegedly rammed by a Chinese vessel in Reed Bank in mid June. The trouble is he made an equally nebulous case that was crushed under the intense grilling of the Philippines’ Supreme Court justices. Asked in a variety of words by these justices, What is it exactly you are asking of the Court? all Diokno’s legal team could respond with was a shrug and a scratch in the head.

Too late to save face: Chel Diokno

Even more laughable, the fishermen themselves eventually disavowed themselves of Diokno’s quaint legal stunt.

All Diokno has left is a face to save. But it seems he is too late to save even that.

President Duterte remains popular because he focuses on solving problems RELEVANT to ordinary Filipinos

One of the reasons Duterte’s popularity continues to rise while the opposition continues to fail is because Duterte also targets the little problems in parts of the country that were ignored by the previous administrations – while the opposition focuses on Luzon problems.

Take for example the free irrigation enacted by Duterte. You think the opposition cared about the millions of farmers, the millions of Filipinos that have been begging for years to give them free irrigation? Did the opposition even know this was an issue to begin with?

The opposition continues to screech over the idea that the freedom of press is being attacked? While for the first time, small Filipinos were given a platform to voice out their concerns through the Presidential Complaint Center. I work in a government agency, and I’ve seen how government agencies cannot anymore ignore the concerns of the common people because the PCC will keep following up the issues brought forward by the smaller people.

How do Diokno’s “fight for justice” platform resonate with the rest of the Philippines when only people from NCR can relate to this? Do you think Filipinos in the outer reaches of Visayas cares about this so called justice when they struggle to even get to town because of the lack of roads?

Free college tuition? A big chunk of the country don’t even have proper schools to begin with.

Anti-train law? Give the people a means to grow their food first before we talk about consumer issues. Give them dams and irrigation facilities first.

Oh wait. Duterte is already doing that.

Also, isn’t it hilarious that the opposition keeps promoting the idea that DEMOCRACY IS DYING under the Duterte “regime”. But at the same time, they slam the majority’s opinion and the majority choice simply because it doesn’t align with what they want.

Hilarious, I tell you!

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SHOCKING! Opposition candidate Chel Diokno invites “more international pressure” to be applied to the Philippines!

Invited to speak at the Ministerial Segment of the UNODC’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Opposition candidate Chel Diokno expressed his goal of subjecting the Philippines to more international pressure

We do hope that the international community will continue to put pressure on the Philippine government to adhere to its commitments under international human rights instruments.

As if this weren’t enough of a shocking affront to Philippine sovereignty being invited by a politician aspiring to hold a seat in the Senate, Diokno adds that foreigners “influencing the way government operates” is something that he wants seen happen in his country!

The Opposition have truly gone bonkers. Imagine a Philippine Congress dominated by these traitors. It’s time Filipinos put their collective foot down and vote their will to be a truly free and independent nation.