#GilletteAd exploits misguided #MeToo “activist” anger over “unfair” gender differences

These “activists” want to see being a man made into a complicated enterprise — probably because being a woman is inherently complicated and, being so, women suffer from a bad case of simplicity envy.

Back in the old days, men went out to hunt and so the skills we evolved were mainly around zeroing in focus of attention on prey and working with other men in the hunting team to stalk and kill it. Women, on the other hand, evolved to deal with the politics surrounding working with other women to hold the fort, tend to kids running around, prepare food, and, overall, maintaining a social structure/dynamic that facilitated all that harmoniously.

This is why women tend to be more insecure about their social status and tend to gossip a lot — because they need to keep their radars up to mitigate any threats to their position within these vital structures and dynamics. There’s nothing inherently bad about that. It just is what it is thanks to the selection pressures that shaped the evolution of human society. It only became “bad” when these “activists” told us so.

Women were also the primary “gatherers” in hunter-gatherer societies — which is why they are more avid window shoppers, because their brains are wired to evaluate many options, canvass the best value, and test what they bring home to ensure that what they gathered does not poison the entire tribe.

Brain wiring vastly differs between the genders not because of any conspiracy on the part of either side to bully or dominate the other but because nature shaped those roles to ensure survival of the collective. The thing with these snowflake activists is that they want “equality” but have an ill-conceived working definition of that notion which they then apply to their confused “advocacy”.

[Based on a comment posted on the Get Real Post article “Gillette should decide whether ‘toxic masculinity’ is a bigger issue than TOXIC WASTE”.]

Is @PinoyAkoBlog being PAID to endorse Bruno’s Barbers?

Seems like, out of nowhere, top Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio (a.k.a. Pinoy Ako Blog) is issuing a bit of a show-and-tell about getting one’s hair done at Bruno’s Barbers. In a post on Facebook, Laurio gushes…

Guys, kung gusto niyong magpagupit, go to any Bruno barbershop today. Bonus Day nila ngayon. Basically, lahat ng kita nila, buo nila makukuha.They are doing this once every year.

Christmas is giving and sharing. 💛❤️💛❤️

The plot thickens…

One is led to speculate on what motivates a political (and extremely partisan one at that) blogger like Laurio to explicitly endorse a large hair care franchise like Bruno’s Barbers. What’s in it for her? The deluge of questions is unstoppable.

It brings to light some of what look suspiciously like veiled product placements done by other social media “influencers” such as those of Noemi Dado (a.k.a. @momblogger)…

Filipinos, indeed, need to be more vigilant of and, more importantly, apply a critical mind to the consumption of content issued by these social media mavens to ensure they do not end up being mere victims of clever marketing.