Carpio-Robredo tandem in the cards for Yellowtard push into Malacanang in 2022

Yellowidiots exist in their own ecosystem. Former President Fidel Ramos won as President with only 23% of the vote. Yet they claimed that it was the majority. Never mind that the Marcos vote was split between Danding Cojuangco and Imelda Marcos.

In 1998, Joseph “Erap” Estrada won with the largest margin in PH electoral history. You had a feeling he wouldn’t finish his term the way the press was reporting about his activities.

In 2004, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) won with a thin majority. The Yellowidiots couldn’t claim victory because they broke with her. That was nine years lost to political turmoil. Still GMA made the best out of it.

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In 2010, Noynoy Aquino won by a margin of 5 million votes over Erap. Do you actually believe that many people voted for him? Still Erap extended the hand of reconcilation. The Opposition then worked with the Yellowidiots. In the past five years the morons have been employing the same old strategy against current President Rodrigo Duterte; paint him as the second coming of Marcos.

With all this political turmoil, it’s no wonder then that we have never been on the path to realize our full potential as a nation. I wouldn’t put it beyond former Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio that he formed 1Sambayan for the sole purpose of exploring a Presidential run. All that talk about coming up with a unified opposition slate is just that, talk.

Carpio and his team of lawyers played a major role in Erap’s ouster, particularly during the impeachment trial. It makes sense that Carpio would exploit this opportunity given he has the credentials and the clout. He is definitely more intellectually capable than Leni Robredo will ever be. He has ties to friendly oligarchs who can finance his candidacy. The biggest stumbling block he faces is building up a political base.

Recall that Ramos didn’t have one when he was not selected by the LDP as its standard-bearer. His ace card was Peping Cojuangco who dumped Ramon Mitra on election day. Carpio’s gamble is that the Pinoy voter will be more issues-focused in 2022. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Carpio-Robredo tandem is fielded by the opposition. My fearless forecast is it will be a three-way race with the opposition fielding another ticket, with either of the two able to function as a stalking horse for votes.

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