Rather than worry about the #CoronaVirus, Filipinos should worry about their jeepney infestation


It is quite laughable that Filipino “activists” are screeching about the novel coronavirus outbreak and, in the process, resorting to racist stereotyping of their ethnic Chinese community. The fact is, an even deadlier disease has been infesting the Philippines for decades.

Consider the enormous social problem that is the jeepney. The jeepney defies all sensible efforts to develop a modern public transport system, and it is all because their backers — so-called labour “activists” and politicians who use them as a vote farm — continue to coddle them.

Jeepneys will likely continue to kill more Filipinos than the coronavirus ever will. In fact, even as I write this, there is a solution already being developed to combat the virus. As for the solution to the jeepney problem? Don’t hold your breath waiting.

Filipino “activists” for now chime into the coronavirus outrage fad like it is some sort of fashion statement. Ask them about the jeepney infestation and all they will come up with is a stupid collective shrug. Someone needs to teach us how to set intelligent priorities. For now, the killing spree continues on Philippine roads.

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