Atty Ferdie Topacio (@YesYesYo13) puts up 100k pesos in prize money for anyone who could show Magnitsky BANNED list!

Yellowtards have recently been cheering the signing of a law in the United States that contains a provision that bans Philippine government officials involved in the “persecution” of jailed Philippine Senator Leila De Lima. Already, they are asserting that a list of the banned already exists.

This has made esteemed lawyer Ferdinand Topacio so curious that he issued a challenge to produce said list.

Indeed, even mainstream news media outlet reports are already suggesting not only the existence of said list but that execution of the provision is already underway.

The above CNN report seemingly bases its assertion entirely on the statement of the De Lima herself…

“This latest development signals the fact that impunity cannot last and that one way or another, justice will catch up with those who choose to do injustice to others,” De Lima noted.

She added that such move is a clear recognition that she is a “victim of political persecution.”

Whilst disinformation coming from garden variety Yellowtard trolls is understandable, such sort of “reporting” coming from chi chi CNN Philippines is nothing short of unacceptable.

Then again, perhaps someone should come up with The List and earn for himself a bit of Christmas cheer from Atty Topacio (if he would be kind enough to extend the deadline, that is).

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