@TonyoCruz DECLARES that the Marcoses are BANNED from UP campuses!

A bit rich coming from an avowed thought leader of the Philippines’ community of communist “activists”. Here is Tonto Cruz presuming to be an authority on who has the right to be in and engage in activities within the campuses of the University of the Philippines.

Rich, because communists are, themselves, renowned for being an unwanted infestation in the very same campuses. They are intellectually dishonest and continue to harp on their famously baffling “US-[insert current president here] Dictatorship”.

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Communist ‘activists’ are notorious for their vandalism.

Taxpayers’ funds are definitely being wasted on UP students who walk out of their classes to join protest rallies organised by a group that espouse an obsolete ideology and is associated with a known terrorist group.

Tonyo Cruz is in bad need of a reality check and, more importantly, a lesson in intellectual honesty.

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