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Ninoy Aquino died. SO WHAT?

Yeah, so what?

Look around you. The Philippines is exactly the way it was back before Ninoy died. The changes are all superficial and, for several decades, were packaged inside a nice Yellow box that, generations of Filipinos were told, represents a “revolution”.

Even if there was, such a “revolution”, again, so what?

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There was one in Russia back in 1917 that went on to create this monstrosity called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Filipinos are sort of lucky in that context. It took half a century for Russians and their hapless “comrades” over much of Eurasia that got roped into the Soviet empire to realise it was all a lie. It took only thirty years for the same thing to happen in the Philippines.

What the Russians did right, however, was correct the historical account. It renamed Leningrad back to St Petersburg, for example and took down all those horrible monuments of their failed “revolution” except, perhaps for some to remind them of the horror of it all. It’s time Filipinos did the same — so that they could move on to better things, and better thinking.

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