Maria Ressa is weaponising her media connections against President Duterte


Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler, fashions herself as some sort of victim. But is she? It is evident that she has a lot of friends in high places and, more importantly for her, in Western places that she conscripts to her nefarious ends. Ressa speaks about how people are “weaponising” the Internet and even the Law itself. But if anyone hadn’t noticed yet, she has been weaponising the media!

Ressa evidently seeks to undermine the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. But her Scorched Earth approach is bringing down an entire country. Despite mature democratic institutions in place and the hardworking Filipino public servants doing their best to make these work, Ressa INSULTS all of these before the world stage and encourages her cronies in Big Corporate Media organisations to chime in with their so-called “journalism” on the matter.

Indeed, if there is any one person who could serve as the embodiment of the saying that “if you tell the same lie often enough, people will start regarding it as the truth”, Maria Ressa would be that person. Ressa has been beating the drum about an “assault on press freedom” for the last several years in front of anyone who could sit through her tirades long enough. No evidence exists that such an “assault” is happening.

Ressa has not added any new argument to her mantra — only reciting it over and over hoping that it may one day be immortalised in stone on a monument she hopes will someday be built in her honour.

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