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Filipinos once believed premarital sex is a sin just as they once believed Ninoy is a hero

Just because Filipinos believed for 30 years that Ninoy Aquino is a hero does not mean that can all change. In fact, it already has. Many Filipinos no longer believe Aquino is a “hero”.

Indeed, Roman Catholicism teaches that people who engage in premarital sex will go to hell. That’s been part of Catholic dogma for 2000 years. And yet, all that changed. Today, being a virgin before marriage is more the exception than the rule.

Who’s to say then that the notion that Ninoy Aquino is some sort of “hero” can be forgotten as well? Some folks believe that is not possible.

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Bizarre indeed.

Proclaiming this obsolete belief in all-caps will not make Ninoy a hero. He was just like any other local mayor or councillor gunned down in Philippines. Only Big Corporate media allied with the Aquinos made people believe he was one.

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