Actor Bart Guingona (@guingonabart) believes majority of Filipinos are WRONG!

Bart Guingona asserts in a tweet that, “[this] admin’s biggest legacy, like that of Trump’s will be divisiveness and hatred. Sad.” But when challenged to explain how the approval rating of 85 percent the current government of President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys could be indicative of a “divided” people, Guingona responds with an interesting opinion…

It seems, Guingona presumes to know better than the majority of Filipinos who, according to the Constitution, earned the right to choose their leaders.

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For that matter, how can the 15% be right when the public servants they are supporting were in power for 6 years but did not achieve much and stuck with the status quo? They also lost the election. It’s pure arrogance to declare yourself right when you’re not even offering alternative solutions.

The dishonesty of the members of the Yellow camp are mirrored by the character of “influencers” like Bart Guingona. In this tweet, he PUBLICLY accused me of being under someone’s payroll…

I’m no lawyer but that, to me, looks like a clear case of defamation.

Back to the point of this, the fact is, Duterte has only been in power for 3 years but there are already positive changes ordinary Filipinos feel. Meanwhile, the Philippines hardly improved for 30 years under the yellows and their allies.

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