Leila De Lima wants to “stop” Duterte but stops short of proposing HOW to do it


Senator Leila De Lima’s recent words describing her personal take on the national situation is certainly fiery and loud. But ultimately it will take a bit more than fire and loudness to make a difference.

This demonic President has been trying to destroy and divide the Catholic Church, just as he keeps on eroding our cherished values as a nation. He must be stopped!

Stopped how exactly madam “senator”?

For Yellowtards, ‘stopping’ a sitting president most likely means only ONE thing…

Last we heard, an election just came and went. The Yellowtard-led Opposition had every opportunity to earn from the Filipino voter the means to do just that and failed miserably.

It would be interesting to get the specifics around how De Lima plans to follow through on her call. We’re all ears.

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