Yellow allies jump on DFA data leak issue not knowing it originated during presidency of Noynoy Aquino

Risa Hontiveros proved again she is not very smart. She was quick to assume the data leak in the DFA was the fault of Duterte without finding out the details first. But it’s good at least we know she is angry at the culprit and should stay angry after finding out it was Noynoy.

Both Hontiveros and vice president Leni Robredo want an investigation into the data leak at the DFA pronto! They should maintain that same level of zeal even after the result of the investigation prove it was the Noynoy govt that was accountable for the criminal negligence that compromised privacy.

Nonetheless, I find DFA Secretary TeddyBoy Locsin’s use of the “F” word unnecessary and unbecoming of a diplomat. It seems he is trying so hard to be cool. He’s also inconsistent. He gets angry and defensive when Cory and Kris are being criticised, but he is also critical of Noynoy. All Aquinos are the same — incompetent and vindictive.

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