DISHONEST Rappler “report” claims Duterte gov’t in trouble with ICC because it “allows” drug war deaths to go unsolved!

Another day, another example of dishonest journalism perpetrated by “social news network” Rappler goes on exhibit. In its latest piece of crooked “journalism” Duterte gov’t allows ‘drug war’ deaths to go unsolved, the following blurb is used as a foreword the article…

The systematic delay in solving killings does not help the Duterte administration in a landmark legal battle before the International Criminal Court

Yet, the article, written jointly by Lian Buan, Rambo Talabong, and Jodesz Gavilan is nothing more than a showcase of dubious homicide “statistics”, dramatised accounts of victims’ plights, and speculation on how hard the Duterte government is trying to solve these “cases”.

Indeed, considering that it makes such a bold assertion on both its title and the article foreword, these Rapplerettes close their piece with questions that prove that these assertions are, in actual fact, absolutely unfounded

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A total of 52 communications sent to the ICC allege that the killings amount to crimes against humanity.

Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda is examining the situation, but she will lose jurisdiction if it is proven that the Philippines is able and willing to prosecute the crimes on its own.

But is it, and is it doing enough?

The authors have not arrived at any sound conclusions to substantiate what they claim in both the title and foreword and, as such, have actually deliberately misled their readers with their use of dishonest borderline clickbait titles and forewords for their piece.

Rappler needs to prove in any sort of “investigative report” on this subject that the Philippine government lacks the capability to solve and prosecute crime and that it lacks a judiciary that can rule on cases fairly. This “report” has done nothing of the sort except spread disinformation about the Philippine government.

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