Makati RTC Br 148 ruling against Justice Dept arrest of Trillanes proves Yellowtards and commies wrong again!


The decision of the court not to arrest “senator” AntonioTrillanes is a slap on the face of the senator and those who keep saying the courts are being run by people subservient to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The Opposition will be at a loss on what to say – whether to celebrate the independence of the court or not.

This also puts the spotlight on the International Criminal Court (ICC) which the Yellowtards are conning into meddling in Philippine domestic affairs. The ICC venture into the Philippine scene was premised on the notion created by the Yellowtards that the Philippines’ criminal justice system is incapable of fairly processing and acting on cases initiated within its framework.

If there is a bloc of poltical chatter that is undermining the Philippines’ sovereignty, it is the Yellowtards, stragglers of a bygone era in Philippine politics when “Opposition” necessarily meant subversion and even rebellion against the government. The Yellowtards have failed to evolve their “movement” and make it in step with the modern situation in the Philippines. And this is Filipinos are no longer betting on the Yellow “Laban” political brand. It has been rendered obsolete.

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