Crowdsourcing allegations of sexual harassment seemingly perpetrated by Ateneo faculty members

Since the late September post on the Facebook page ADMU Freedom Wall #ADMUFreedomWall10175, chatter surrounding allegations of sexual harassment at the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) continues to rage. The original post is cryptic and doesn’t name names.

I’m sick and tired of seeing that one “famous” professor on twitter gain a platform off calling out abusers and being woke, when he himself would make his students uncomfortable by randomly messaging them asking for pictures of their feet and inviting them to his f[..]king bedroom for individual consultations. It’s even worse because he would target the freshmen students that were struggling in his class and videotape his ICs on his f[..]king webcam.

But a thread on the ADMU discussion forum on Reddit had opened the floodgates and anecdotal detail on the subject has been bucketing in since. The following names (among possibly others) quoted by participants in the forum have thus far emerged ..

– Miguel Lizada
– Carlo Rivera
– Ben Chan

As this chatter rates, Netizens are also calling out prominent social media personality Nathania Chua who is a former faculty member of the ADMU and who, some Netizens assert, was a colleague and possibly a friend of Lizada. Chua has since tweeted this statement on the subject…

Let’s get this straight: Like other students and co-faculty, I heard the rumors regarding Miguel Lizada’s indiscretions but never had the evidence to call for an investigation. I had no idea of the EXTENT of his actions and those affected by them, prior to the issue breaking out.

The ADMU, in a statement, vowed to investigate the matter.

Maria Luz Vilches, vice president for the university’s Loyola Schools, in a letter released on Thursday said that the school administration is conducting an official investigation into the sexual complaints filed by students against one of its college faculty members.

Vilches said the evidence gathered so far have been elevated to the university’s Committee on Decorum and Investigation.

The story continues to develop.

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