Some theories as to why Trillanes is a rabid Yellowtard and why he can’t find his amnesty papers…

Could it be possible that “senator” Antonio Trillanes was simply so confident in the backing he enjoyed from the administration of then President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III that he neglected to make sure that his amnesty application was actually completed?

It is also possible that Trillanes and the rest of the Yellowtard community were so sure that they’d be in power over the next 20 years that whether or not the application was concluded would ultimately not matter. Even more intriguing is the possibility that the Aquino and the Yellowtard powers-that-be actually held his incomplete amnesty application in limbo to ensure that Trillanes perform to their expectations as their top attack dog in the Senate.

Indeed, both the failure to keep his amnesty papers in order and his bafflingly rabid loyalty to the Yellowtard cause of clinging to and, later, reacquiring power could be explained by any one of the above theories.

In the end, Trillanes is emerging as just another sucker — or prisoner of gratitude — of Yellowtardom.

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