Rather than monitor Teresita De Castro’s stint as CJ for results, Yellowtards focus on a countdown to her retirement

A Yellowtard bozo tweeted today: “35 days left in the De Castro term as the first ampalaya Chief Justice.” On that one’s gotta ask, how’s that even relevant? And if so, who do these bozos propose as an alternative?

More importantly, the irony of calling De Castro an “ampalaya Chief Justice” escapes the pointed heads of the Yellowtards. Counting down to the end of a Chief Justice who they revile is, itself, a textbook case of irrational bitterness.

Most Filipinos choke on the notion of “results”. Indeed, the most common word used in Tagalog to express the concept is the seemingly Spanish-originated word resulta. Evidently, Tagalog is not a modern-enough dialect to accommodate concepts essential for a culture of achievement.

Filipinos deserve a better bloc of partisans to lead their Opposition — one that focuses on results rather than wallow in their obsolete comfort zone of bitterness.

Just because public servants are “paid using taxpayers’ funds” does not mean Filipinos are the boss

The idea that Filipinos are the “boss” of public officials became a fad slogan during the administration of former President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III. Not surprisingly, that idea is complete horseshit.

BS Aquino’s “kayo ang boss ko” is now being perverted to the partisan ends of today’s Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition. They use this moronic notion now to demand unreasonable things of a collegial and non-political institution such as that of the Supreme Court. Worse, the bozo Aquino appointed to be Chief Justice, Lourdes Sereno, extended this moronism further by infesting the High Court with the Yellowtard “people power” narrative and its cast of characters of drama queens and Batang Yagit “victim” acts.

Despite the fact, for example, that current Chief Justice Teresita De Castro’s appointment to head the judiciary is perfectly legal, the Yellowtards continue to throw a tantrum over what they perceive to be an affront to democracy. But look underneath all the shrill noise of this monumental tantrum and one will find not one iota of a coherent argument against this appointment.

The Supreme Court does not owe deference to a screeching mob no matter how loud said screeching may be. They defer only to the law and decide within its framework. The Yellowtards will simply need to come up with an argument against De Castro better than “we don’t like her”.

Opposition “activists” lack a logical reason for disliking Chief Justice Teresita De Castro

All the “thought leaders” of the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition could do is whine about why they believe newly-appointed Chief Justice Teresita De Castro is not “fit” to be Chief Justice. Other than that, the Yellowtards cannot seem to come up with any more objective reasons why they do not like De Castro.

All the Yellowtards really want is for their preferred girl the now never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno to be reinstated (or rather to have her appointment un-voided). But the fact is, De Castro, by all accounts, is the better-qualified magistrate. Just on the basic things, like her psych evaluation results and her compliance to the requirement for all public servants to have a complete record of Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALNs), De Castro is eminently qualified. As far as basic requirements to be a civil servants alone, De Castro already beats Sereno hands down.

You wonder then: What is the problem with these Yellowtards?

The problem with the Yellowtards is that all they really want is to get back to power. The welfare of the Philippines is likely to be the farthest from their minds. This is why they think nothing of kicking up another impeachment complaint against several Supreme Court Justices. The end to which they take this effort is a mystery. Actually it isn’t. The Yellowtards just want power.

[Photo source: @AttyGlennChong]