Philippine media all set to politicise Halloween with “reports” about the ghosts of EJK victims

Trust click- and eyeball-hungry Philippine corporate media to milk Halloween with the usual stories of ghosts and spirits and other hocus-pocus reports of supernatural activity that they will report as “news” or “features”.

This time, however, it will likely be about everyone’s favourite necro-topic nowadays, the alleged victims of “extrajudicial killings” or EJKs and their ghosts supposedly coming back to haunt the perpetrators of today’s “injustices”. These media outlets would then be hitting two birds with one stone – tapping the primitive superstitious psyches of Filipinos and, at the same time, repurposing these to deliver a political payload.

The lengths to which Philippine media will go to scrape in the day’s peso, right? Rather than uplift the thinking skills of Filipinos, they drag it down to ensure themselves a vast market of OFW remittance-funded consumers willing to lap up their mediocre products.