Yellow Opposition now say cleaning Manila Bay is “easy”. Why didn’t PNoy do it?

Yellows are now saying it’s so easy to clean up Boracay and Manila Bay. Then why didn’t former President Noynoy Aquino do it? Perhaps Noynoy didn’t think it was that easy. He didn’t do much during his term except use public funds to bribe members of Congress and to fund his party’s election campaign.

I’m all for the reclamation of Manila Bay if it means permanently getting rid of the squatters currently occupying it illegally. Previous governments should have kicked them out decades ago. Instead, they allowed the problem to get worse. Now the leftists are “fighting” for their “rights”.

The problem with some yellows is they cannot think long term. Not all policies result in instant or overnight change. Some policies take years to take effect. Building or improving infrastructure can take a few years or decades to complete. At least there is initiative.

Yellows are suddenly so impatient to see change, but they were ok when Noynoy was doing nothing to fix the country. He couldn’t even do the simplest of things like cleaning up the environment. Now that there are infrastructure upgrade projects on-going in the country, yellows simply dismiss it.

Let’s say cleaning up Boracay and Manila Bay are the only obvious accomplishments of the Duterte govt, but they are major ones that can affect the way Filipinos think. Cleaning up the environment can help Filipinos be more conscious of the way they treat their surroundings.

Tradition of slobbery in Philippine public places mars Christmas 2018. Again.

Filipino “Netizens” are supposedly at arms over the latest littering scandal to make the rounds — this year, specifically, the mounds of rubbish left by Christmas revelers at the Luneta this year. Again.

But this just follows a long tradition of slobbery as evident in these search results.

Yellowtard senatorial candidate Florin Hilbay went as far as calling Filipinos’ country a “baboy nation“!

There really is something wrong when the same problem recurs year in and year out. It may not even be about finding a “right” solution. It could be simply about gathering the will to implement one.

[NB: Featured image from a 2013 Inquirer news report.]