Is the AFP “decent” enough to launch a coup against the duly-elected gov’t?

In his recent Rappler article “Where have all the decent PMA graduates gone?”, retired Colonel Dennis Acop as a West Point graduate should have been able to present his argument better. This is the point Alcop ultimately makes… Unlike the Marcos regime, the Duterte administration is full of graduates of the PMA, not only in […]

Crime Education

Hazing is but a small symptom of the vast fraternity CANCER that afflicts Philippine society

The recent hazing incidents in the hands of cadet officers of the Philippine Military Academy as well as the suicide of a “brod” of the Sigma Rho fraternity of the University of the Philippines has prompted President Rodrigo Duterte to speak out. However, a lot of people were “shocked” by his statement. Duterte on fraternity […]