The curious case of COMMUNISTS calling for “gov’t action vs Chinese presence” in the Spratlys

According to this Inquirer report, “Bayan Muna on Saturday called on the government to protest the increasing presence of Chinese vessels circling the Pag-asa Island (Thitu Island), which it said may lead to heightened Chinese aggression.” Now ain’t that rich? On one hand, commies would routinely demonise the Philippine government and Filipino soldiers as their […]


“Filipinos did it before and can do it again” – Neri Colmenares ululation referring to removing “tyrants”

Does this even make sense? The same can be said of the overall thinking applied to voting in general as this slightly-modified version of that ululation shows… Filipinos elected idiots before. They can do it again! Why, instead of calling Filipinos to nebulous and downright idiotic initiatives as Neri Colmenares does, don’t Filipino “activists”, instead, […]