Taal volcano eruption shows just how fragile human existence is

Filipinos believe they are “victims” of natural disasters because they think those things happen “for a reason”. They don’t. That is why they are called natural disasters. Nature does not select her “victims”. She just does what she does. It’s really nothing personal. Life on earth is fragile after all. A small change in the […]

People who perished in Barangay Ucab, Itogon mudslide had been living under precarious circumstances

Like many of the victims of previous natural calamities in the Philippines, the people who perished under a mudslide in Barangay Ucab, Itogon following heavy rains brought by typhoon Ompong had long been at risk. GMA News reports that the same town experienced a similar fatal mudslide in 2012. Furthermore… The Mines and Geosciences Bureau […]