Politics and corruption still the biggest hurdle to building world-class public education services in the Philippines

See? If he puts his mind to it, he can overcome his psychological dysfunction. I agree with Professor Antonio Contreras on all the points he raised in his Manila Times piece today “Flexible learning requires flexible governance and dynamic mindsets”. Contreras refers favourably to Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) Chairman Prospero de Vera III who […]

Leftist-liberal-militant groups specialise in romanticising and politicising the poor

It’s a certainty that Inquirer columnist Randy David will write a column about the community pantry and so he does. He touches ever so slightly and only in passing on the incident that marred Angel Locsin’s (a.k.a. Red Angel’s) “community pantry”. Over the years, Filipinos have learned to fall in line and wait for their […]

Corruption at LGU level behind inefficient pandemic response in Metro Manila

Boo Chanco’s call for Filipinos to “just work together” is nothing but a puff piece in disguise. Again, the pertinent question not asked is, what are the LGUs doing to address the problems of their constituents in the pandemic? This is the question Chanco conveniently sidesteps in aid of election puff taking the opportunity, instead, […]