Much-touted “evidence” of Trillanes application for amnesty exhibited by @PinoyAkoBlog a dud!

A 2011 photo of “senator” Antonio Trillanes was posted by Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio on Twitter where she trumpeted it as “evidence” that the serial mutineer had, indeed, filed an application for amnesty.

As can be clearly seen on the above image, what seems to be the application form is not even signed.

For that matter, a photo cannot be considered as admissible evidence. What Trillanes and his circle of girlettes really need is real solid evidence. Old habits indeed die hard. Yellowtard causes are habitually launched on incomplete information and their movements and causes built upon unsubstantiated notions.

When it comes to Marcos, Yellowtards screech #NeverForget. When it comes to Trillanes they prefer to “move on”!

Yellowtards are, indeed, selective in their “activism”. They keep harping about the alleged “horrors” of the “Martial Law Regime” and built an entire ideology around whining about this. But with regard to “senator” Antonio Trillanes whose quaint military adventurism in the early- to mid-2000s endangered thousands of innocent Filipino lives and threatened a duly-elected civilian government, they espouse a position of forgetting the past.

Strange, indeed.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the Philippines’ Yellowtard-led Opposition remains in such a confused state. There is no stable ideology nor coherent platform that guides them.

Filipinos need to take their Opposition to task and demand that they step up to a more intelligent discourse. Filipinos deserve a modern Opposition with a consistent stand on critical matters of national consequence, not the current primitivist one they put up with today.