Ping Lacson likely to run for president, Isko Moreno still logical choice for @1Sambayan

My sources have confirmed that there have been talks between Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and Senator Ping Lacson but these are stalled because both want to be President. This makes the Lacson and Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto tandem a possibility. The source indicated that Lacson is running, Isko or no Isko.

Domagoso is the logical choice for 1Sambayan since it’s being bankrolled by the Lopezes and Manny Pangilinan. It remains to be seen if Ricky Razon will publicly support Isko. There is also Ramon Ang (RSA) in the mix as he has been pushing Isko to run a year after his election as Mayor.

The oligarchs apparently have had enough of President Rodrigo Duterte because of his stand against their cartel-like business practices. The Lopez’s obviously have an axe to grind along with MVP whose Maynilad Water was forced to drop its arbitration case in Singapore for higher water rates against the government. There is also the issue of Malampaya and the oil and gas deposits in Recto Bank.

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Isko also appears to be the choice of Uncle Sam. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Senator Grace Poe is his running mate. Poe can go back to her Senate seat even if she doesn’t win the Vice-Presidency. Nevertheless, nothing is definite until the formal announcement is made.

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