Social media “influencers” are messing up the environment and young minds by promoting TRAVEL

I mean, really, how much leisure travelling must one be doing? Nowadays one is made out to be some sort of loser when they don’t make use of a long weekend, an extended break from work, or time off in between jobs to do “a bit of travelling”.

Take this one, for example…

I mean, really?

Many of these influencers also double as crusaders for the environmental “cause”. Indeed, they would, in all ironies, promote a travel package of some sort to one “rapidly-vanishing” natural heritage site or another and invite their audience to behold the experience to appreciate nature’s natural bounty. Ironic because, to get to many of these sites, requires air travel — one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

Imagine the social pressure and consider too that an entire generation of young Filipinos are coming of age in an era where air travel is a “must do”.

It’s high time we apply a more critical mind to the effect these “influencers” are having on an impressionable society such as that of the Philippines’. Think of all the young folks living on the sorts of salaries people fresh out of school earn and maxing out their credit cards because these bozos tell them they “must” travel now that it’s September.

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