League of Filipino Students (@LFSPhilippines) issues an “open letter” to the parents of their recruits

The communist front organisation League of Filipino Students (LFS) recently posted a statement on Facebook that presumes to speak for the youths it recruits into its so-called “activism”. Calling them the “Anak Ng Bayan” (children of the commune), the LFS statement is fashioned in the form of a collective “open letter” from these youths to their parents.

The statement calls on Filipino parents to “leave us to be good children of the commune”…

Kaya’t sa pagkakataong ito, hayaan ninyo kaming maging mabubuting anak ng bayan. Dahil kung mayroon man kaming natutunan mula sa inyo, ito ay ang kahandaang hamakin ang kahit anong kahirapan para sa kabutihan, ang magmahal at mag-aruga labas sa sariling kapakanan. Sa inyo kami humuhugot ng lakas at inspirasyon para piliing lumaban.

As can be observed in the tone of their rhetoric, organisations like the LFS are the stuff of parents’ nightmares. Knowing that predatory organisations like these infest the Philippines’ university and high school campuses is enough to send chills up parents’ spines knowing that their kids are left to their devices.

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It is time we talked about communist fronts like the LFS and Anakbayan. When will enough be enough??

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