Listening to “haters” can be your best learning experience

It’s hard to comprehend why one would want to block people who beg to differ to your world views. While it is nice to be surrounded by people who always agree with what you say, there is a whole much more to learn from people who disagree with you.

Indeed, being hated was one of my biggest motivations for writing. In the early days of writing online content I was challenged to get better at my persuasion skills after copping a lot of feedback over what were, at the time, controversial views about Filipino culture.

As our community of “GetRealists” grew, we focused more on honing our craft by closely observing our detractors rather than shutting them out and creating little closed echo chambers for ourselves. Indeed, even today, there are very few explicit high fives exchanged amongst ourselves in public.

What we do, instead, is listen.

By listening to detractors one learns to make one’s theses more resilient — even anti-fragile — in a way that allows one’s conceptual frameworks to progressively become richer and deeper by incorporating what is useful from critics’ responses.

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