Is Carlos Celdran a fugitive?

Last we heard Yellowtard “activist” Carlos Celdran has left the Philippines. Or shall we say, fled? In a recent tweet, he confirmed he won’t be back for “a long long while”…

Perhaps this “long long while” means about 13 months, right Mr Celdran?

Do recall

Celdran faces imprisonment for 2 months and 21 days at minimum, and 1 year, 1 month, and 11 days as maximum.

This is the consequence Celdran faces for his Damaso stunt in 2010.

Celdran later formally apologised in an open letter to Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales for his actions. In the letter, Celdran sought forgiveness and called for all to learn to set aside “differences and work towards a better future together.”

Is Celdran fleeing his accountability to the Filipino people for offenses he has not served time for yet? Why was he even allowed to leave the country? The mystery persists.

One thing’s for sure, the prison experience doesn’t look quite like the way Celdran portrayed it back in the day — when he appeared a lot cockier about the pickle he finds himself in.

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