Yellowtard slogan “democracy is dead” DISPROVEN by conviction of Palparan


The Yellowtards are hailing the conviction of former Gen Jovito Palparan as a “bright spot” and a “victory” for human rights. Let us all remember this when they again say “democracy is dead in the Philippines”. This also proves the Yellowtards were wrong in going to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for help as this is justifiable only if it can be proven that the local justice system does not work.

These Yellowtards have proven time and again how selective and utterly inconsistent their advocacies are. They hail a democratic process when it delivers an outcome aligned with their partisan agendas and launch into shrill “activist” tantrums when it goes the other way.

Filipinos should be vigilant but in a more modern and intelligent way. They should be critical of Yellowtard propaganda over a long view — to identify where they contradict themselves. Indeed, the Yellowtards are their own enemies, seen under this light.

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